Simulators and Trainers

EMS has been providing dimensional measurement technologies and 3d scanning and CAD services to the simulation and trainer industry for years. During that time, the simulation and trainer market has grown exponentially.

For every aircraft, fighting vehicle, tank, weapons system and other armed forces and civilian systems, personnel must be trained to operate them safely and correctly. In many cases, the original CAD doesn’t exist or cannot be accessed to build an accurate simulator. 3D Scanning allows these original vehicles or aircraft to be captured in 3D and then modified as needed to work in a trainer or simulator. In addition, smaller parts such as flight control grips, duct work, brackets, knobs and other items can be 3D printed in robust materials to be used in the actual simulator or trainer.

EMS provides the following solutions for the simulator and trainer industry.

Simulators and Trainers use of 3D Scanning & Inspection

  • 3D scanning of interiors or exteriors of complete vehicles or aircraft
  • Individual parts & assemblies
  • Structural components

Simulators and Trainers uses of 3D Printing

  • Design validation models
  • Scaled models
  • End use parts used in the simulator or trainer.