Other Industries

EMS, Inc has been working in many other industries such as oil & gas, marine, heavy equipment, forensics and more for years. Having the right equipment and expertise allows us to apply our knowledge to almost any industry and application. Whether its 3D scanning a large yacht or 3D Printing scaled models for a court room case EMS can get the project done.

WIth over 15 years of experience and 15,000 complete projects contact us to discuss any of the following industries and applications.

Other Industries EMS, Inc Serves Include:

  • Marine – from dinghies to yachts
  • Mining - equipment & wear items
  • Forensics – crime scenes, accidents, failure analysis, court room models, patent litigation
  • Power generation – turbine blades, large housings, plants & piping
  • Industrial Plants – piping and layout
  • Automation - robots, plant layout, assembly equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Dental - appliances, braces, impressions, wax-ups
  • Water & sewage - large pumps, impellers, housings
  • Tooling - jigs, fixtures
  • Packaging – bottles, shrink wrap, blister packs, clam shells and more
  • Metal Castings – master patterns for investment and sand
  • Many more...