Entertainment & Theme Parks

From 3D scanning large existing attractions for product enhancement or 3D scanning an original costume for replication, EMS works with theme parks and entertainment companies to meet their unique measurement challenges due to its artistry and originality.

Movie props, costumes and other items often need to be duplicated for merchandising and other purposes. A custom suit worn by an action hero in a movie is very valuable. If a manufacturer of action figures or Halloween costumes wants to replicate the action hero’s outfit, the original handmade outfit can be 3D scanned and a design created. From there, design modifications can be made for ease of manufacturing or cost, and complete prototypes can be made and tested before final production.

Theme parks offer a different type of challenge since very large items often need to be 3D scanned. For example, an existing roller coaster attraction with custom rockwork might be 3D scanned so it can be improved or an addition designed. Original CAD files sometimes exist but the “as built” product can be quite different. In addition, new attractions often start with hand built models that are then 3D scanned and scaled up to engineer the internal structural components.

EMS provides the following scanning solutions for its entertainment and theme park customers:

Entertainment & Theme Parks use of 3D Scanning & Inspection

  • 3D scanning of costumes, props, weapons and other accessories
  • 3D Scanning of scaled models of rockwork, rides and other attractions
  • 3D scanning of full size rides, attractions, rock work, terrain and more.
  • Design validation after a project is completed

Entertainment & Theme Parks uses of 3D Printing

  • Design validation models
  • Scaled models
  • Layout models