3D Scanning Service Can Be Used for Very Small Items

3D scanning service small items 300x265 3D Scanning Service Can Be Used for Very Small Items

3D Scanning Service Can Be Used for Very Small Items

As you may imagine, scanning three-dimensional objects can be quite a challenge if you don’t have the right technology. However, a 3D scanning service can make it quite simple and straightforward, especially if you use the latest equipment available. However, scanning items that are very small is still challenging. You need the most advanced equipment to make this possible in order to create a CAD model or perform a high level inspection of a specific part.

EMS recently made this possible. They were approached by an orthopedic manufacturing company that needed to make changes on very tiny components. These components were made without a CAD model so it would have been next to impossible now to try to manually measure and re-create the parts by hand since they are so tiny. EMS provided a quick and solid solution, however, by using the Steinbichler Comet L3D – 5 megapixel 3D scanner. This device uses six different lenses that range from an 800 mm field of view to a 45 mm field of view. This way, you could select which lens was most suited for the task at hand. Every lens had the same number of target points, up to 5 million, and if the field of view is very tiny, this means there were more points in a smaller space. This is perfect for a very detailed view of extremely tiny objects. To be specific, they were capturing data at 8.018 mm space. That’s pretty impressive any 3D scanning service.

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